All you need to know about Jersey.

Jersey is nestled in the English Channel, just 14 miles (22km) off the coast of France. Despite its compact size, measuring just nine miles by five, it is the largest of the Channel Islands and boasts a rich and varied landscape. From lush valleys and rolling sand dunes to golden cows in green fields and a wild coastline, the unique blend of British and French influences makes Jersey the perfect place to get away from it all.


Whether you’re planning a short break, or a grand adventure, Jersey is full of surprises. Just nine miles by five with the sea never more than ten minutes away, you’ll soon catch the laidback island feeling. Only a short hop away by air or sea, and you’ll be sinking your toes into the soft golden sand as the island warmly welcomes you to a wonderful island escape.

Coming to Jersey is straightforward. As we are part of the Common Travel Area, if you are arriving from the UK, passports are not required, but you will need a form of photo ID. If you’re arriving from outside of the EU, you will require a valid passport. If you are just visiting Jersey on holiday, you don’t need a visa if you’re an EU or EAA national. To find out more information, read the advice on the Government of Jersey site.

So what are you waiting for? Jersey is the perfect place to unwind and rebalance.

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You can get to Jersey by sea or by air. With a flight duration of around an hour from over 20 UK airports, and only a little while longer from Europe, you can be sipping on sundowners in time for sunset. Explore the airline options to get you touching down in Jersey in no time, or sail away to your island escape and discover the ferry crossings to Jersey from the UK and France.

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All the little facts about Jersey to know before you travel.


What currency does Jersey have?

The currency in Jersey is the Jersey pound, however, the British pound is also widely accepted and used interchangeably on the island. If you’re planning to do a bit of island hopping during your visit, you can also use the Guernsey pound in Jersey. All currencies have the same value, just make sure you change any Jersey or Guernsey pounds before you leave, as these can’t be used as legal tender in the UK.


Explore Jersey’s archipelago.

Did you know that Jersey is part of an archipelago? The Channel Islands is home to a whole collection of small islands and reefs – some are inhabited, others are home to only the seabirds and wildlife. To discover the other islands here, plan some island hopping into your trip.



In Jersey we speak English with a faint Jersey accent! As you explore the island, you’ll notice relics of our Norman past such as the French road signs. Jersey also has its own native language – Jerriaise. Although not heard widely spoken, it’s part of our island’s history, and if you look closely, you’ll find traces of it around the island.

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Just off the Normandy coast, the Channel Islands, comprising Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm are a short hop away from Britain and mainland Europe. Their mild winters, warm summers and long hours of sunshine make them ideal year-round destinations. Click on the links below to find out more about each island!